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About Areti Bratsis


M.Photog., Cr.Certified

You’re going to look the best you have ever looked. 

You need someone who’s willing to listen – and I make a point of it!

Before any images are captured we collaborate to determine what end results we are trying to achieve with your photo session. By fully understanding your requests, I can help guide the session to a creative place and tell your story beautifully and concisely. It is important to talk ahead of time to get to know each other better and build rapport. It is not easy for most people to be photographed. Establishing trust and feeling comfortable is important in assuring we end up with the best results.

You will  feel comfortable working with me.

You will never be left to just pose yourself. With all of my study and years of experience in all aspects of professional photography , I can quickly guide you into a move or pose and feature you in the most flattering way. I can sculpt your body with the camera and make you feel at ease during your session. You don’t have to worry about feeling awkward or not knowing what to do. I’ll take good care of you. 

 This unique collaboration which involves client input enables me to deliver the best photographs possible.


 You’ll be relaxed and have fun during your location session.  

By understanding what we are trying to achieve, our locations sessions are pre-planned and intentional which means we get right down to the business of photographing with a purpose. I respect your time so you will not feel like you are being dragged around from spot to spot or get fatigued in the process. This will keep your energy levels high and your expressions will look fresh and energetic.

 Who is Areti Bratsis?

Someone who believes every home should be filled with beautiful photography.  Creating images for you which will evoke an emotion and depict the essence of the relationships you have with the poeple in your life is my passion.

My favorite expression is “What’s the point!”  I love photography and enjoy creating personal artwork of people, their families and lifestyle. My point is to understand what you are looking for and provide you with more than what you expected.

I have been photographing professionally since 1987 but I am still a student.  Innovation and technology continue at an aggressive pace and I for one will not be left behind.


The Boston area’s only active PPA Certified Master Craftsman Professional Photographer – Making me the area’s premier professional photographer. 


Professionally photographing since 1987
Graduate of  The New England School of Photography, 1985
Certified by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
Recipient of PPA’s Master of Photography Title 1992
Recipient of PPA’s Photographic Craftsman Title 1994
Active member of PPA, PPAM, Creative Live

My Story

My career began as a budding photographer in high school. I failed to act upon my passion and upon graduating, I entered the world of academia to pursue my BS in biology/pre-med. I could not escape the feeling I was existing in a gray, bland, concrete jungle. I felt I was confined in a study lab for countless hours, with very focused individuals. I fortunately awakened to my life’s purpose of capturing ,creating and recording emotions and preserving  a piece of  personal history through the art of photography.

That was nearly 27 years ago but my studies have never wavered. I am an eager student and spend far too much time learning everything from the current photo manipulation software to studying with industry leaders .

I love the challenges and fast pace of weddings, but also welcome the slower pace of photographing in the studio. Studying a face and extracting an emotion. I welcome the challenge of executive portrait studies where I create  an image of an individual which can shape and transform the viewer’s perception of that subject in just one glance.

I deeply enjoy the smell of freshly ground coffee, the taste of red wine and eating anything plant based. My loves are my husband and 2 studio mascots: Zoe and Sofi. My love for God , country and freedom are unwavering and I take pride in my Greek-American heritage. Grateful to those who have endured difficulties to give me everything this life has to offer.

My Approach

Initially – analytical ( my science background kicks in). I frequently ask “What’s the point” or ” What is the end game” .  I look for purpose and then make an intent to reach it. Once that brainy stuff is done, I kick into dream mode. I enter a scene without expectations and wait until I see something to work with. That often starts with the lighting. Then I place my subject in place and start the process of capturing an emotion. Photographs without a visual connection in the eyes or any feeling are merely just visual road maps .

My purpose or approach is to capture a little bit of soul  and a slice of real life. Want to work together ? Check out my galleries  or drop me a note and let me know what I can do for you. Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you!  


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