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Alpha Omega Coucil Honors Andrew S. Natsios

The Alpha Omega Council presented Mr. Andrew S. Natsios with the 2012 Lifetime Achievement Award, on Saturday June 2, 2012. In attendance were:Master of Ceremonies Mrs. Nicole Zaloumis, AHEPA Supreme President Dr. John Grossomanides, Hon. Congressman Peter Torkildsen, Hon. Steven Crosby,Hon. Justice Leon Lombardi,Hon. Greek Consul General Ilias Fotopoulos,Hon. Gov. Michael Dukakis and Mrs. Dukakis,Hon. Secretary Andrew Card,Hon. Andrew Natsios


The evening began with the presentation of the presentation of the Peter Agris Memorial Scholarship Award Ceremony and was followed by the The Lifetime Achievement Program and Dinner. It was quite a pleasurable to be in the midst of some very talented, intelligent and gifted individuals.  NECN’s Nicole Zaloumis, gave the scholarship recipients  a candid and inspirational account of working in the news business while the one Democract on the dais ( Gov. Dukakis) kept his humor as he was outnumbered by the Republicans. 


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