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Keep Your Memories Safe

How should you care for your photo albums?

With the warm weather just around the corner, so too will come the humidity we love so much (not!). It scares me to think of what might be happening to your beautiful albums as the moisture rolls in. Here are a few tips of preventative measures to ensure your albums continue to look fresh and maintain their sexy shape for years to come (wish it was that easy for me).

  1. When not in use, keep your album in its original storage bag and box.
  2. Store your album in a dry location, away from humidity. This will mean removing it from the coffee table for a few months but it will be worth the effort.
  3. Pages may begin to curve when exposed to humidity. If you notice this, immediately place a flat, heavy object ( about 10 lb) on your album for 2-3 days. The quicker you do this, the faster your album will recover.
  4. Never keep your album in in upright position, unless you have it wedged tightly between heavy book ends or between other books to keep it shut tightly.
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